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Disc type (Ultrasonic/Pancake) Jet Mill


Disc type(Ultrasonic l Pancake)Jet Mill. The Operating Principle: Driven by compressed air through feeding injectors, raw material is accelerated to ultrasonic speed and injected into milling chamber in tangential direction, collided and grinded into particle. The particle size can be controlled by adjusting longitudinal depth, milling pressure and material feeding speed. Disc type Jet Mill do good performance to gummy materials.


1. Suitable for the dry-type superfine process, highest impacting speed up t0 2.5 March and normally l-10um grains.

2.  Good performance to gummy materials without any block.

3. No temperature rise, suitable for low-melting and heat- sensitive materials.

4. Advantages: simplified design, easy to clean and maintenance. low noise. vibrationless.

Flow Chart of Disc type Jet Mill

For medicine, food and other demanding customers, we can use double cyclone separators for better collection efficiency; use pneumatic butterfly valve to shut down link to outside, use dust collector to lower dust pollution.

Major Technical Parameters

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