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Fluidized-bed Jet mill


The Fluidized-bed jet mill is actually such a device as using the high-speed air flow to perform the dry-type superfine pulverizing. Driven by compressed air, raw material is accelerated to the crossing of four nozzles to be impacted and grinded into powder, then, the grinded powder will be brought by upward flowing air to the grading zone, influenced by centrifugal force and air flow, powder up to grade will be separated and collected; other powder swirls back to milling chamber for further milling processing.


1. No rise in temperature: the temperature will not increas as the materials are pulverized under the working conditions of pneumatic expansion and the temperature in the milling cavity is kept normal

2. No contamination: the whole process is contamination-free as the materials are moved by the airflow and ground through the collision and impact among themselves without involving the media

3. Endurance: Applied to materials with mohs' hardness below grade 9, since the milling effect only involves the impact and collision among the grains rather than the collison with the wall

4. Inert gas can be used as media for milling flammable and explosive materials.

Flow chart of Fluidized-bed Jet mill

PLC applied for easy operation and control

Flow chart of Fluidized-bed Jet mill

The flow chart is standard milling processing, and can be adjusted to customers.

Major Technical Parameters

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