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How to solve the problem of the noise of the mill
Release time:2015-07-08 Click:667
Grinding noise is generated when the main reason is: the high-speed operation of the mill, the working parts to drive the air "Xiao" cry: when the equipment is operating. The vibration and sound; the sound of friction between the wheel or the hammer and drugs; the equipment rotating friction sound parts by itself.
According to the noise generated by the causes, the solution is mainly: (1) of the rotating parts of the lubricating oil, if the bearing and shaft misalignment, adjustment; bearing wear, replace the bearing; (2) the process of crushing heat production phenomenon will produce noise, can take the crushing chamber with a water cooling jacket cooling; (3) in the pulverizing room air and install muffler; (4) of equipment vibration treatment, such as damping pad.
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