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The world's largest magnesia refractory materials manufactur
Release time:2015-07-11 Click:1280
The world's largest magnesia refractory materials manufacturers RHI I used the company's large-scale grading equipment

RHI group in Liaoning Yingkou new ultrafine grinding classification production line from Germany IVA company providing the overall design, Shanghai Yifeiya provides some of the key equipment, theequipment provided by the company.

RHI refractories production in industrial areas in the world, is suitable for industrial production process temperature exceeds 1200 degrees Celsius temperature of all kinds of industrial enterprises, in more than 180 countries and regions have 10000 customers, the business has 28production plants, a total of 6500 employees. The group met in Liaoning in 1996 in Yingkou Bayuquan set up joint venture enterprises, 2004 in Dalian establish wholly-owned enterprises, in 2005 in Shandong, Zibo set up a joint venture, in 2006 in Liaoning Dashiqiao the establishment of magnesiumproduction enterprises.

IVA will provide the RHI to provide the entire line of turnkey project. The RHI refractories has repeatedly sent engineers to visit our company to negotiate, and product processing test, fully recognized our company's processing technique and equipment performance.
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